Allan Bruce

Allan Bruce

My large panoramic drawings reflect an interest in Chinese scroll paintings. The landscapes and interiors, using acrylic on tyvek, range from 60 to 360 degree views and are 1300 mm high by up to 9000 mm long. They combine the oriental primacy of monochrome with occidental principles of aerial and linear perspective.

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Gallery  –   Please click on each image to see whole work.

Queens Park with Culliford House
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x2930mm

Allan's Panoramic Drawings 015
West Peak, Mt Mitchell
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x3020mm

rainforest mt mitchell
Rainforest, Mt Mitchell
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x3450mm

Interior with rocker
Interior with Rocker and Turkish Rug
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x3120mm

drayton & tba cemetery
Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x3530mm

stanthorpe late winter
Stanthorpe, Late Winter
Acrylic and colour pencil on tyvek, 1300x3300mm

bald rock creek
Bald Rock Creek, Girraween, #1
Acrylic on tyvek, 1300x4910mm