Susanne Wood

susanneSusanne logged out of her career mid-life in 2015 to follow her passion for creativity.
From her Toowoomba studio, Susanne works primarily in acrylics. She explores her emotional connection with people and nature. Rather than the medium having to conform to her plan for a piece, she is often led and redirected by the medium. Susanne also takes inspiration from existing textures or hues in discarded canvases to grow a new piece.
Susanne explores a variety of subjects inspired by the beauty in natural detail and people’s relationships with their ‘habitat’.

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Chapelle Sainte-Marguerite, L’Ecot
acrylic painting, stretched canvas, 91cm x 61cm x 1.8cm, $690

acrylic painting, stretched canvas, 40cm x 40cm x 1.8cm, $280

Gull (Daybirds)
acrylic painting, stretched canvas, 40cm x 40cm, SOLD

Egret (Nightbirds)
acrylic painting, stretched canvas, 55cm x 35cm x 3.5cm, $375

Where am I?
mixed media (acrylic painting, stretched canvas), 61cm x 61cm x 1.8cm, $325

acrylic painting, paper, A3 SOLD

Diving Deep
acrylic, pastel and charcoal on stretched canvas, 91.5 x 91.5 x 3.8cm, $490

Spring in Bee Major
acrylic painting, stretched canvas, 60.6 x 60.6 x 3.7cm, $350

Visions at Cradle
mixed media (acrylic painting, drawing and paper collage), 61cm x 76cm x 3.5cm, SOLD

Visions at Freycinet
mixed media (acrylic painting, brown paper, ink drawing, sand and paper collage on stretched canvas), 50cm x 60cm x 1.6cm, $280