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1st Prize (The Fred Gardiner Award) … ‘Toowoomba Jacarandas’ by Diana BattleSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
2nd Prize (The Nancy Culliford Award) … ‘Moose Deer’ by Alex StallingSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Highly Commended … ‘Encroaching’ by Helen Harris SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Highly Commended … ‘From Bud to Flower’ by Neville Brown SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Highly Commended … ‘Emerald Door’ by George Green SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Highly Commended … ‘Just Another in the Crowd’ by Ngaire Winwood (This painting also won the Patron’s Choice Award)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Commended … ‘A Gift of Rose 2’ by Deidra Drysdale SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Commended … ‘Not Just Tea and Scones’ by Therese Alcorn SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Commended … ‘Bright Kid’ by Audrey Treadaway SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Commended … ‘Ninety’ by Edwin Gunn SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
The First Prize in the Themed Section (90 Years in Toowoomba) was won by William Church for his painting ‘Old Warriors’SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA