Amazing works in a uniquely Australian medium.

At the turn of the C19th in Australia, European settlers discovered the possibility of using bark as a medium for making artworks. Since then, the unlimited potential of this material has been exploited. The most suitable bark is that of the Melaleuca or Paperbark tree. Other natural and long-lasting plant materials such as corn husks and banana trash can also be used.

The preservation of the Melaleuca tree is of great importance to the members of the Art in Bark group many of whom grow them in their gardens. Two or three layers of bark can be taken without harm to the tree; the natural colours of the bark are subtle and delicate and range from white to grey, from gold to red, and black after bush fires.

This exhibition is on display at the Art Society, 1 Godsall Street (last house in the street) from 5th May to 1st June. Exhibition opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to noon. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm.

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