From Bark to Paint – My Journey

An exhibition featuring vibrant mixed media paintings by Lyn Watts. 30th June – 27th July.   Lyns paintings are on display in our Corridor Space and can be viewed Mon – Thurs 9am – noon.  Also Sat & Sun 10am – 2pm.

Lyn’s creative journey started in 1992 after seeing some beautiful paintings using only bark as the medium.  A TAFE course followed to learn the process and soon became a member of the Toowoomba Art in Bark Association.

Ten years later, the need to master other mediums followed.  A painting group at Gatton and a number of McGregor Summer School classed encouraged Lyn to use oil paints, acrylics and mixed media in her painting.

After joining the Art Society, Lyn attended classes with Harry Hart as the teacher.  Here Lyn  “was shown how to scrape, spray, splash and most of all, not to be afraid”.  Birds, Australian wildlife and fauna are favourite subjects.

Here are four images from her exhibition –  click to enlarge –