Work by Pauline Palmer

Work by Pauline Palmer

Monday All Sorts

By the Monday Art in Bark Group

Official opening
2pm Saturday 29th June
Works are for sale.

Exhibition dates
24th June to 20th July

Opening Times
Mon/Thurs/Fri 10am – 12Noon,
Tues/Wed 10am – 3pm,
Sat/Sun 10am – 2pm

Monday’s Art in Bark group do spend Mondays making bark pictures but they are a group of many talents. For this exhibition they have decided first and foremost to display their beautiful bark pictures and also display other mediums.

The bark pictures are just that. Only bark is used with the exception of other “natural additives” such as banana thrash, colourful lichens and bark from plant roots. It is an intricate art form requiring an interest in nature, some imagination and a lot of patience.

Roslyn Slack, Lyn Watts, Joan Hodges, Joan Naumann, and Gloria Taylor have all taken up painting later in their “art lives” and have found the transition easier than expected, as the same rules apply as in making a bark picture. Composition, form, value, depth and distance all apply. They have discovered the joy of so many bright colours of paint. “At long last, I have the colours to paint a rainbow lorikeet.” says Lyn Watts.

Pauline Palmer uses both the techniques of painting the background material using watercolours, and embroidering the middle distance and foreground to create her beautiful needle paintings.

From bark to paint and beyond we hope you enjoy this varied and interesting exhibition.