Sarah ….. What’s behind the inspiration for my current work. Embracing, exploring and celebrating Femininity from and inner and outer experience. This is mapped through the portraits of women found from National Geographic Magazines and met with my personal story that unfolded upon discovering them. The narrative is woven in with symbolism and nature and bought together around the Okra plant/vegetable. The Okra plant has been worked into each art work through being hand printed, and stamped onto paper. This beautiful pattern then became the binding essence behind each work. The Okra plant is also known as the Lady singer, and has no formal origin. “It’s the plant that nourishes everyone, yet is not owned by anyone”.

Dianne ….’My love of nature and the patterns that it produces influences my painting style. I am fascinated by the microscopic structure of living things, taking a close-up look at the cellular structure of plant and human life in an abstract form to reveal a ‘World Within Worlds’.